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Fraud Alert System

Lower down your risk exposed to Fraudulent Credit Card Orders.

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Help Internet Merchants to Prevent Credit Card Frauds

E-commerce merchants are 100% responsible for fraudulent charges, even if the credit card purchase has been approved by the bank that issued the card.

As online merchants, you stick your necks out everytime you ship something out. If it’s a fraudulent order - You lose the merchandises, lose the transaction fee, lose the shipping fee and get a chargeback fee. How does that sound to your business? Yes, it sucks definitely.

That's why it's very important for you to be vigilant about Credit Card Fraud if you are running a e-commerce store that takes credit card payment, especially so if you take worldwide orders.


See Fraud Alert System in Action!

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Small Business = Easy Target for Fraud

Many big companies like Wal Mart, have rigorous and systematic security program to identify potential fraud and reject suspicious orders or flag it for special treatment. Unfortunately, small business are unlikely to afford such "luxuries" and thus exposed to higher risk due to inadequate security measures in place.

Understanding such critical needs which are not being addressed especially for the small to medium-sized business, webShaper introduces Fraud Alert System (FAS) - First of its kind in the world designed for small businesses. FAS is a smart mash-up of Google Maps and FraudLabs Web Services built-into sohoStore & bizStore, designed to help online merchants significantly reduce the risk exposed to fraudulent online Credit Card orders.


Your Guard against Fraudulent Transaction

Imagine the capability to locate both the Shipping and Billing address, tell the exact geographic location of an IP address (from High Risk Countries?), and whether the IP is from an Open Proxy Server and other patterns that signal a possible fraudulent order.

All these while, even until now, this critical information is NOT available to the small business! We changed that with the invention of FAS. It helps you to better spot a suspicious order so you could put up an effective fight against fraudulent orders that eat into your bottomline.

Note: Ability to pintpoint shipping or billing address location on a map depends on Google Maps Coverage. Fraudlabs is a trademark of Hexasoft Development Sdn Bhd.


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